The Courage in Art

When you buy home décor, it takes real courage. Read on and discover why.

We love our artists. They see art as connection between their vision and our hearts. To make that connection work, designers must have courage. Every week our lead designer Laura Megroz bravely offers up artistic ideas to our product team knowing we will analyze, criticize, and even redesign. “Change that color, move that dog, improve the composition”, we say. It takes a strong person to endure the internal critics.

We also endeavor to make a design connection with the stores you shop. A store operator must determine if the product is right for the season, their place, and for you. Is it a fit for their décor style, the current trends, and what customers want? Being a retail store owner means making courageous design and product choices every day.

In the end, the product must be the right thing for you, the customer. The job of the designer, of the manufacturer, and the retailer is to curate designs and products so that they meet your needs. When you look at a home accent and say, “I have to have it”, that is the ultimate connection we can make.

So why does it take courage to buy home accents? Because the products you select reflect on you, your memories, dreams, and aspirations. And that is why we love our artists at Chandler 4 Corners. Because they help each of us to better understand ourselves. And that takes the most courage of all.



For over a quarter century, Chandler 4 Corners has made high quality, hand-crafted, artist-designed decorative accents. We commission accomplished artists to design home décor that expresses your passion for the out-of-doors, gladdens your heart,